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Hello and welcome to our website! My name is Christian McAnally and I am located in
Richmond, Virginia. After doing  research I found Hismerh Gucci at Hismerh Kennel in PA.
Merab had already imported all of his European dobermans when he moved to the USA from Russia.
In Europe,in order to register a litter, one of the parents needs to hold a Schutzhund Title. 
They must also pass the test for breeding,called ZTP. What this says in short, is that there are
much more screenings done prior to breeding and only the best are chosen to breed.
 Dogs that come from generations of trained and titled ancestors are preferred for breeding
because they have gone through the temperament tests and have already demonstrated
their reliable temperament, sound nerves, intelligence, and endurance for many generations. 
In making my decision as to the lines and kennels I wanted to work with, I paid special attention
to the type and consistency in the dog's bloodlines. I also made sure that there were similar
ancestors in both of my dogs' pedigrees for type and consistency.
The Doberman was originally bred to serve man as a personal protection dog. The Doberman Pinscher
was originally produced in Germany as a personal protector for individuals and families, and for
police and military work. They excel in Schutzhund. Throughout Europe, this is still the case.  The
American Doberman, in my opinion, has been bred down the working edge of the dog to become more
of a family pet or companion rather than a working guardian. In Europe the doberman was bred
to work as is still the case and in general will perform better than the American bred in protection
and tracking fields. In order for the Doberman to do whatever its owner asks of it, it must have proper
temperament, working ability, and must be willing to work for a person. It must have confidence, brains
and correct structure. The owner must understand that in order to become the pack leader, you will
need to be able to teach this to the dog. Its highly recommended to start obedience training at a
young age.  These dogs like to be mentally stimulated and can have enormous amounts of energy
that will need to be directed in a positive way. They enjoy being part of the family and will
protect you until their dying breath. 
A Doberman with correct temperament is bold, outgoing, and confident. The Doberman is loyal
and naturally protective of family and friends, and should be trustworthy in any situation. I believe that
the Doberman should be bred according to the true European Standards, which are somewhat different
from the American Doberman of today.  A truly proper temperament will have the intelligence to be
stable around family, children and strangers but will raise to protective status when danger is implied
or arises.  It is my opinion that many American lines have produced more dogs that are skittish,
shy and frightful.
My goal is to improve the European breed and strengthen the characteristics that I find most
appealing-endurance, intelligence,longevity, working ability, protection ability, loyalty,
and most importantly-FEARLESSNESS!

All of our dogs are A.K.C. registered AND ALL ARE EUROPEAN IMPORTS!!
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